The Best Hookup Sites to Get Laid [Updated 2019]

Need a timer for cooking perfect pasta? There is an app for that. Need your groceries delivered to your house? There is an app for that. Need a hookup and that’s it? Well, there are a ton of apps for that. We could not be more thrilled than to live in a time where hook up apps exist. Can you imagine having to go out into the real world to play the guessing game? Is that person single? Would they even want to hook up with me? Are they open to a hookup and nothing more? We absolutely could not imagine living like that and thankfully we don’t have to. 

Welcome to the dawn of the digital hookup. While hookup culture might get a bad rap, who cares! If two consenting adults want a no-strings relationship more power to them. Fortunately, now more than ever hook up apps and sites are making it easier than ever to find someone in your area to hook up with tonight. 

Now that sounds all great and dandy but ain’t nobody got time to try all these damn apps. We’ll nobody except for us. So without further ado, we offer you the top 13+ free hookup sites of 2019. We hope this guide will help you navigate through all the chaos that is hookup apps and get you on your way to hooking up as soon as possible. 




BeNaughty is a community of people looking for a quick hook up. The site is open to couples as well. On BeNaughty you can swipe through listings and like them if its an offer you’re into or skip if it’s not. Because BeNaughty allows couples on their site this place facilitates threesomes as well. If you’re looking for a quick hookup as a couple or on your own this community could be one that speaks to you. The BeNaughty community expects you are there for something casual so you don’t have to beat around the bush in asking for what you want. 

Profiles are easy to set up. Just include your photo. BeNaughty does require a photo to help combat fake profiles. 



  • A community of like-minded people
  • Sending messages is free for women 
  • Photos and verification helps keep profiles legit



  • Profiles are available for anyone to see for free 
  • You do need one photo at least 
  • Fee for advanced features 



Snapsext Preview

Not all these apps and sites can be a hit. Snapsext seems to be one that is a miss. While it does do everything you would want in a hookup app there doesn’t appear to be too many people using it. While SnapSext might not be great  for real-life hookups it does have some other redeeming qualities. There are features for webcam girls and dirty messaging sites. 

SnapSext as the name sounds seems to be more of an exchange of sexy nude photos. 



  • You can see who is online 
  • Allows video chat 
  • Operates as a dating site


  • Membership is pricey at $40 per month 
  • Less of a dating site and more of a photo exchange 
  • Paid interactions with girls on the site 



Thirsty Dates Preview

ThirstyDates is a modern dating app. The clean interface from the site is carried through to the app experience. ThirstyDates claims to help facilitate quick, local and discreet hookups. The people using ThirstyDates are looking for a hookup and not much more which is perfect for what we want. ThirstyDates is great because it doesn’t have a lot of gimmicks it has one purpose and that’s it. It’s not for sexy photo sharing or chatting. ThirstyDates is for local hookups and that’s all. 

Setting up a profile on ThirstyDates is easy and fast. The geolocation feature makes sure only people in your area are finding you. There is no point in matching up with someone on the other side of the country to find a hookup buddy. 



  • Geolocation service makes local hookups easier 
  • Like-minded community 
  • Real profiles 


  • No video chat capabilities 
  • Newer site so it hasn’t proven itself over the years yet. 
  • You need a photo to make a profile

Flirt Preview

When began back in 2009 so the website does have some years under its belt. When it first began women were able to message for free but that does not appear to be the case anymore. Now in order to use men and women alike have to pay for the premium features. In order to make sure it is worth the money, offers users a free 3 days trial. Most people using the site seem to be looking for something casual but there are some people using the site for more serious dating as well.



  • Community is all looking for a local hookup 
  • Every photo uploaded has to be approved by the Flirt community 
  • You can see how far people are around you.


  • Some fake profiles 
  • You have to pay for messaging 
  • Messages expire after 24 hours




AdultFriendFinder or AFF is one of the largest players in the adult dating space. AFF has one of the largest communities of adults looking to find hookups. One thing to note about AFF is that you have to pay to use the site. At just under $26 for a membership, AFF is definitely not the cheapest option when it comes to finding a date. The high price tag might be worth it as it is the place where a lot of people find hookups.  



  • Local hookups all around you 
  • Decent looking women 
  • Mobile app 


  • Spam pop-ups 
  • Have to pay to use the site 

Fling Dating Adult App is one of the largest sites for casual hookups. Boasting over 50 million users across the world this international hook up site is a no-frills place to find sex. allows users to upload explicit photos so you can enjoy some nudes before your casual hook up. is not only for casual sex hookups the site also puts you in touch with camgirls and flirty messaging apps. 

You will need to pay to see photos on people’s profiles. Your premium account also gives you messaging access. The signup process is pretty simple, just put in your name, gender, location, and an email address and you are good to go. 



  • Explicit nude photos
  • Large userbase 
  • There is a chatroom you can use to chat with others.


  • No free trial options 
  • No free messaging or viewing profiles 
  • You have to pay for premium options 



Down Dating App

As the name suggests, Down, is an app for just that, getting down to business. The Down app is super simple to use. The whole mission of down is to foster a sex-positive environment. Dating is tough on our emotions and investing a whole lot of time to get to know people is exhausting. Down makes casual sex the only priority on their app. Down gives you the option to “get date” or “get down”. This feature is cool because lets be honest some people we only want to fuck while others we want a little more with. 



  • The is an app 
  • You can choose to date or to just hook up 
  • Privacy is important 


  • No website feature 
  • A newer app that might not have a ton of users yet


There are not the best reviews of FuckBook. A lot of people reported fake profiles and messages. Besides having a lot of users many are not real. Don’t let that get you down though there are a few real profiles as well. There have also been reports that the site gets pretty spammy with a ton of ads. You might want to skip this one. 



  • Easy to use 
  • Lots of male members 


  • Some fake profiles 
  • Lots of pop-ups
  • Fake messages 



Ashley Madison 

Ashley Madison Site

Ashley Madison has been the grandfather of hook up apps since its inception. In a time when online dating was still considered taboo Ashley Madison was quick to take it a step further. Creating a site designed for cheating and for hooking up Ashley Madison pioneered the way for hookup apps to come. The amazing thing about Ashley Madison is that it still managed to stay relevant after overcoming a huge scandal. At one point a ton of user data was breached and many men and their mistresses started running for cover. The site was able to overcome the scandal and come out of it stronger than ever. All press is good press, right? Today Ashley Madison is still one of the best places to go to score a hookup. 

Profiles are free and easy to set up. Fill out as much or as little as your profile as you want. Bear in mind that if you want people to take you seriously you should fill out a pretty robust profile. You have the option to add a variety of photos as well though a lot of members don’t for privacy reasons



  • Beefed up security and privacy since the data breach 
  • Free to sign up 
  • Users can find a variety of things: hookups, mistresses, sugar babies etc. 


  • Ashley Madison has been breached before and could be again. 
  • You have to pay to gift people on the site 
  • Profiles are not super detailed 



Pure Dating Preview

Pure claims to be Uber meets SnapChat. Basically what that means is members match based on sexy photos of each other and then like Uber they can meet upon demand. One thing that sets Pure apart is you only have one hour to chat with someone and meet up with them before your profile is deleted and you start over. Making a profile on Pure is easy so remaking on is not super complicated. The urgency helps up the anty and cut to the chase. This pressure gets you hot and hooking up fast. 



  • Urgency makes you hook up faster 
  • Profiles are easy to make 
  • A community for mainly hookups and sex



  • Profiles delete after an hour 
  • Free for three days and then you have to sign up




Tinder was the app that blew up online dating. From its inception Tinder was at the forefront of dating apps. When Tinder began most of the people were romanticly inclined. As more dating apps came onto the market Tinder has kind of gotten a rap as the hookup app, which is ideal for us. As Tinder gets more and more no strings the people on it seem to be opening up.

The Tinder apps makes signing up and hooking up right from your phone super easy. Simply download the app, upload a simple bio and photo, set some preferences if you’d like to and then get matching.  



  • Free for basic services 
  • Tons of users 
  • Simple to use 


  • Some people are there looking for love 
  • You have to pay for advanced features 
  • Not a hookup only app




SeekingArrangements is a great place to go when looking for a hookup. Tons of real profiles, tons of beautiful women all ready to hook up. What’s the catch? You have to pay for them. That’s right, SeekingArrangements is a site where you meet women with an arrangement in mind. Now while these women don’t come out directly and say they are looking for money most of the women are either escorts or sugar babies. 

Seeking is super easy to use and has a ton of real profiles. You really could find someone on SeekingArrangements to hookup with fast and local but you might have to throw some cash their way. 



  • Tons of real profiles 
  • Local girls all around 
  • A lot of the girls are down to hook up and really hot


  • You have to pay for advanced features 
  • You can pretty much expect to have to give the girl money in some regard




Tinder is a great dating app but there is a mix of people on the site. Some people want sex some people want forever. Navigating between the types of expectations became super difficult. CasualX wanted to take the guess work out. CasualX is an app for hooking up and hooking up only. It’s refreshing to not feel like you’re leading people on because you know everyone is there for the same thing. 



  • Everyone is there to hookup 
  • App-based 
  • Geolocation helps find people around you 


  • Large male to female ratio
  • You do have to pay a membership fee



There is nothing more annoying than the back and forth back and forth of texting, memeing, emojing, with someone for it to just not go anywhere. Tonight’s goal is to end all that. It’s time to take online dating offline. Tonight is a great app to use if you want to hook up or meet up with someone tonight. You don’t need to waste any more time talking in circles with people. Cut to the chase and meet in person already. 



  • Hookups tonight 
  • Large user base
  • App-enabled


  • You have to pay to use it 
  • There is a limit to matches per day

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