12 Pick up Lines That Actually Work

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Nothing is a bigger turn-off than a creepy pick-up line. If a chick was considering you as an option a bad pick up line will flip that in a second. However, a good pick up line can help you bag a girl in a heartbeat. Too often these days we hide behind our phones to find someone special. Dating apps make dating like shooting fish in a barrel but what if you’re out and you see the one? Having pick up lines on deck can help ease your nerves and seal the deal. So if you’re trying to break the ice from an app or in real life these pick up lines are sure to help. 


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Whenever delivering pick lines deliver is everything. Be confident and say the line with commitment. Don’t wuss out mid delivery. When you act nervous and fidgety you come off as insecure or like you’re going for a girl out of your league. Make her feel like you deserve to be with a girl like her and she will see things that way as well. If the line goes over badly laugh it off and keep on moving. There are plenty of girls out there to try these moves on. 


1. Ask for her number

In a digital dating age, guys don’t really ask for your number in person anymore.  This is why this line is for sure going to work. It’s refreshing for a guy to come up ask because it’s a bold move and confidence is super hot. When asking for her number do just that. Ask for her number! Don’t ask for her Snapchat or her Instagram believe me that’s a move every guy does. Asking for a number is to set yourself apart don’t fall into the same moves as other men. When you get the number don’t call. Phone calls are such an imposition and most people are not comfortable with that anymore. A simple text of, “Hey, this is ____, from last night. It was nice to meet you. I’d love to take you to dinner sometime. Let me know when works for you.” Don’t try to make small talk just cut to the chase and the move is sure to work. 


2. Compliment her shoes or outfit 

As much as they hate to admit it girls put a ton of effort into their looks. If it’s a night out or if it’s casual barbeque chances are she put her outfit together thoughtfully. There are a ton of ways to tell a girl she looks great without being creepy. Whenever complimenting make it genuine and sincere. Try complimenting something in a nonsexual way to make it not creepy. Don’t say, “wow that dress makes your ass look great.” Instead, try to say, “the color of that dress is great with your complexion.” No girl wants to feel over-sexualized when she’s getting hit on. Keep it simple and don’t keep complimenting every part of her, Just stop at one. 

3. Feel this shirt. It’s made of boyfriend material.

This line is great because it shows her that you’re not just looking for a hookup but are open to a serious relationship. Even though this line might come off a little cheesy following it up with a laugh will let her know you don’t take life to seriously. This line is also great because it gives her an excuse to touch your body. By delivering this line with a laugh and placing her hand on your shirt you’re bound to get sparks flying. 


4. Have we met before? 

This line is great because it opens up the conversation. By asking if you’ve met before you leave her with a yes or no answer. This is perfect because either answer facilitates the conversation continuing. If she says yes, oops maybe you have met before. Press her for more details from when and where. If she says no, follow up with, “Well I’d like to change that.” This will help her understand you’re clearly hitting on her. 


5. Can I buy you a drink? 

Now before you start singing T-Pain on us think about using this line. It’s a classic for good reason. Buying a girl a drink is a great in. Take cue of her body language if she seems like she’s not interested and she’s gonna take the drink and bounce maybe don’t offer but if she seems open to chatting afterward go for it. Who doesn’t like free drinks?


6. Would you like to dance? 

Just like asking for phone numbers guys don’t do this one anymore for some reason. Girls love to be twirled around a dance floor and have the eyes on them. Ask her to dance and start twirling! If she claims not to know how or you don’t know how either that’s okay. Just get out there and have fun. There is nothing sexier than a confident guy and the dance floor is a great place to show that off. 


7. I have a bet with my friend that you won’t give me your number

This line works for a variety of reasons for one she’ll see you have a friend. For some reason, a guy with lots of friends is a lot more trustworthy than one without. Something about having a crew with you helps girls see you as less of a threat. Most girls don’t want to embarrass you in front of your friend so they’ll be more inclined to actually give you their number so you win the bet. 


8. If the coin lands on heads you have to go on a date with me

This one takes a little pre-planning but once you have it dialed you can do it over and over again. You’re going to need to purchase a double-sided coin. You can buy these on Amazon or at any magic shop. Roll around with that coin in your wallet and pull it out to pull chicks. You can hustle girls into dates, getting their numbers, or taking them out on the town.


9. I didn’t vote for Trump

Depending on what state you’re in this one could go over extremely well or kinda poorly. In today’s political climate you probably have higher odds that it will go over well. By using this line you’ll show you stand for the things Trump doesn’t. Most girls like a guy who is logical, stands for women’s rights and has an open mind. This line might get awkward if she is conservative but it’s worth a try. 


10. Truth or Dare

Playing truth or dare can work digitally or in real life. This line is always a good one because it gives the girl a choice. Most cool people chose dare, so dare her to give you her number or to go on a date with you. If she chooses truth, spin it, ask her if its true she wants to go out with you.


11. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell our grandkids we didn’t meed online 

This one is a great dig at online dating. It seems everyone meets that way these days so by using this line in real life it will show her you want a different story. It also lets your girl know you’re looking to build a future which is something tons of girls still want these days. 


12. I’d let you buy me a drink

This line is great if you want to go for a particularly hot girl. She probably gets hit on all the time so having you say that will probably catch her off guard. Expect her to get mad for a second but laugh it off and end up buying her one. This line is a great way to break the ice and get the conversation going. 

The whole point of pick up lines is to break the ice and get the conversation going. These lines are sure to get you on your way. Remember no matter how lame your lines are the most important part is delivery. Always keep things light-hearted and if she just isn’t feeling it move along. Chances are she’s heard much worse pickup lines than yours so you’ve got nothing to lose. Shoot your shot and score!


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